Home Education

Learn to study, work and have fun. Studies show that the more the parent's involvement in the child's education the higher the chance of success.

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Home Education

The home education brings the parent's involvement to the forefront. More and more parents and children are choosing the home school option.

The natural state of adolescence is to be joyful, playful, social and connected to parents and community. This bears repeating! Close and affectionate parent-child relationships, healthy peer dynamics, empathy, joy and play are actually the natural states of being for adolescent children.

You are not alone

Join the 2.1 million home school children in US. Learn about the real world by being a part of it and get these benefits:

  • Get to choose the subject to study and in which order
  • Less challenges in scheduling family vacations
  • Lots of family time
  • Socialize in a positive and loving environment
  • Learn to communicate well both to adults and children
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Are you going to be affected by lack of socialization?


To be in a classroom with 20-30 children of the same age is a necessity, not desirability.

The competitive atmosphere of the classroom and the challenges it poses on the teacher to manage 20-30 children at once can bring the worst out of a student.